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Communal Area

Created on 17 August 2012 Published Date

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The communal section was built in the old 'Remise' (the area that was used for treating the grapes from the harvest). Even though modern concrete was used, extreme effort was taken to achieve a finish that would be in harmony with the period of the building. The concrete flooring was covered with dyed cement mortar mixed with natural lime added to obtain the aged finish, when dried an epoxy resin was applied.

The railings craft built by hand on site, each panel is unique creating a beautiful aesthetic finish. Mahogany wood was used for the hand rails, all the wood was made to measure on site.








The 2nd floor (top floor) has the library-computer room, on the first floor is the office and on the ground floor you will find the baggage storage room, each apartment has its designated shelving where you may store beach equipment, bicycles, baby pushchairs etc.


GlassDis 1Finally the glass display where we exhibition the beautiful objects which were crafted locally.

Classement préfectoral: 4 étoiles

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